Battle of the Planets is a Japanese-Canadian anime series commissioned by Nelvana and d-rights. It is the spiritual successor of the first American adaptation of Gatchaman, which occurred in the wake of the success of the Star Wars film franchise in 1978 and was therefore adapted to it. The new anime sees itself in the tradition of this adaptation, most likely also having features of a space opera, which the original Gatchaman didn't have. Currently there is one season.


Battle of the Planets: Phoenix Ninjas

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Battle of the Planets: Phoenix Ninjas was announced on Corus Entertainment's Investor Day in November 2014 as a project with the team with which they previously collaborated on Beyblade. Two months later it was announced that d-rights was also involved, which previously also co-produced B-DamanScan2Go and Beast Saga while B-Daman and Beast Saga were co-produced with Takaratomy and Scan2Go with NewBoy FCZO. It will air in North America in Fall 2017. A Japanese air date isn't determined yet. it could happen that Battle of the Planets even doesn't air in Japan as it is a Canadian-inspired anime.


Nothing is known about the plot yet.


Battle of the planets

Promotional picture for Battle of the Planets on Corus' Investor Day 2014.